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ALIDI and Soyuz Quadro’s merger: an official news release


Nowadays ALIDI Company has got a considerable portfolio of distribution and logistic contracts as well as successful experience of its own “A” class distribution centre in Nizhny Novgorod building. ALIDI’s coming out at the market of the North-west through the integration with “Soyuz Quadro” opens up new possibilities for the company’s development. “We are reckoning on strengthening of our positions in the logistic services market at the expense of our physical presence in the regions with sea-ports and outlets to frontiers of Russia with European Union. Also we are planning to use actively management technologies and “Soyuz Quadro” talented managers for the further distribution business development”, - said Dmitry Lisichenko, ALIDI’s owner. According to the agreement between the owners he is the very person who will control the united company. “Consolidation of business is a natural process which is not new in Russia and it sets neither day-to-day goods retail nor wholesale trade aside. Geographical broadening of operations as well as ALIDI’s successful experience in working with several big distribution contracts provide the united company with considerable possibilities for the increase of the operational efficiency at work with customers”, - commented the plans Stanislav Kurtsenovsky, the owner of “Soyuz Quadro”. Petr Demchenkov accepted the offer to carry out the process of integration. In 2004-2006 Petr was Development Director of the investment bank “CIT Finance”. Before this he had worked for a big FMCG company. In the framework of the project in the companies’ integration Petr will unite the posts of General Director of “Soyuz Quadro” and Executive Director of ALIDI. ALIDI, LLC is Procter&Gamble Company’s regional distributor in Nizhny Novgorod, Vladimir, Ivanovo, Ryazan, Penza, Ulyanovsk regions and in Republic of Mordovia. The company also is a regional distributor of Nestle, Gillette, Efes Pilsner and some other big manufactures in a number of regions of its presence. In the year of 2005 the company finished its own ‘A’ class logistic centre building in Nizhny Novgorod. “Soyuz Quadro”, CJSC is Procter&Gamble regional distributor in St-Petersburg, Leningrad, Murmansk, Archangelsk, Vologda, Pskov, Novgorod regions and in Karelia and Komi Republics.