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ALIDI Mission

Our goal is to provide a high level of service, competitive prices, a wide range of goods for ALIDI partners. We develop and improve ALIDI partners’ business by virtue of a large scale of operations and modern technologies.

ALIDI Mission

We work

- to offer a full range of distribution, logistic and sales promotion services to the leading world and Russian producers and retail companies

- to provide a wide range of goods for retailers and consumers

Миссия vs ценности.jpgWHAT INSPIRES US to work effectively and achieve goals – our business values.


People is the main value of ALIDI. Professionalism and attitude of employees to their work are the key to long-term success of the company.


We work in the business with high competition and always set high goals before ourselves completing challenging tasks day by day. We must always seek ways for perfection to stay competitive. That’s why we embrace the willingness of employees to develop their competences to meet the highest professional requirements.


Communicating and interacting with each other we find the best business solutions, achieve best results, provide company’s development and provide professional continuity of employees.

Our working principles

  • Grow business today! Tomorrow will be harder!
  • Always attend to customer needs
  • Try to do your job quickly and with high quality. Then you have the right to demand the same from others
  • Уважение – ключ к пониманию коллег, клиентов и партнеров. Без понимания нет эффективности. Без эффективности нет прибыли
  • We are open to partners. We appreciate their ideas and consider our business as an integral part of global business of our partners
  • Use company assets effectively
  • This one is a successful earner who accomplishes identified goals, not someone who works a lot. Find the time to relax! Find the time to think. Find the time for joke!