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ALIDI is distributor №1 and one of the largest suppliers of goods of known international producers to retail chains:

  • Procter&Gamble
  • Nestle, Nestle Purina and Nestle Waters
  • MARS

Besides distribution, ALIDI renders logistic services, specializes in importation of goods and provide its partners a full range of marketing services.

ALIDI today:

  • 62 branches, 18 warehouses in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan
  • 9000 qualified employees, 1421 sales representatives
  • annual turnover 100 bln RUB in 2021
  • 150 000 m2 of warehouses
  • more than 120 000 outlets

ALIDI is a regular member of industry ratings. Company’s operating results receive high grade from the business community. ALIDI is among TOP-5 biggest Russian logistic service providers (EALA) and among TOP-200 biggest Russian private companies (Forbes).

Recruitment experts take a favourable view of ALIDI employment policy and working conditions in the company: ALIDI is among TOP-15 best Russian employers according to HeadHunter. In 2018 Superjob named ALIDI one of the most attractive employers.

  • Permanent member of the Nestle Best Distributors Club
  • Permanent member of the Nestle Purina Best Distributors Club
  • ALIDI is named P&G Distributor of the Year 2020/21 in the Eastern Europe
  • ALIDI has appeared in the TOP-100 Attractive Employers in Russia 2021 (by HeadHunter)
  • ALIDI has appeared in the list "200 largest private companies in Russia 2019" (by Forbes)

Company history

1992 - ALIDI was founded in Nizhny Novgorod
1993 - P&G and ALIDI became partners
2001 - ALIDI stared to distribute Nestle goods
2003 - ALIDI opened its 10-th branch in Russia
2005 - ALIDI constructed and launched a Logistic Center in Nizhny Novgorod
2006 - ALIDI acquired “Soyuz-Quadro”, P&G distributor in the North-West of Russia and launched business in new regions
2007 - Wigley and ALIDI became partners
2008 - ALIDI opened its 20-th branch in Russia
2009 - ALIDI launched M.Video DC in Nizhny Novgorod
2010 - ALIDI became distributor of Mars
2011 - ALIDI opened a branch in Moscow and started to provide logistic services to M.Video in this region
2012 - ALIDI opened a branch in Belarus and became P&G exclusive distributor on the territory of the republic
2014 - ALIDI became a provider of choice of consulting services for P&G in 112 Russian cities
2015 - P&G and ALIDI launched national promotion program in 50 cities of Russia
2016 - ALIDI opened a branch in Kazakhstan and became Wrigley and Mars distributor in Almaty region
2017 - ALIDI opened branches in Kazan, Ufa, Kirov, Cheboksry and Yoshkar-Ola.
2018 – consolidation with Central Distribution Company, opening of 12 new affiliated branches
2019 – consolidation with Transasia Logistic, opening of 10 new affiliated branches
2020 – consolidation with Voronezh-Frakht and Magnat, opening of 7 new affiliated branches
2021 - Start to perform contractual obligations under the agreement with Philip Morris in Kazakhstan, new branch opening in Novosibirsk
2022 - Integration with GEBA, branches opening in 5 new regions.