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Nestle Waters and ALIDI Become Partners


ALIDI was chosen as a provider of choice for the disturbing of Neslté Waters, the producers of world-known brands of drinking waters, such as Perrier, Vittel, San Pellegrino. The start of operations is scheduled on the February of 2017.

In September of 2016, Nestle Waters management decided to make a redesign of company distribution model to grow the efficiency of the sales. New Russian management team put out a tender to choose a provider for distribution. In frame of this tender ALIDI was tasked to develop an effective model of distribution. The ALIDI project team made their unique offer. As a result, the company was named one of the providers of choice. Within the new contract, ALIDI will be responsible for the distribution of Nestle Waters goods to the most of the national retailers on the territory of the Russian Federation and for the development of sales on the ALIDI coverage territory.

ALIDI and Nestle Waters has been partners beforehand. In 2005-2009 ALIDI was responsible for sales of the brand “Sviatoy Istochnik” (till the time it was sold out to another producer). During 4 years of cooperation, ALIDI increased the sales volume by 10 and to greatly expanded the representation of the brand in retail outlets.

"ALIDI team would like to thank partners for their confidence and to assure that we will make all the best for the successful development of the new distribution contract", - says Alexey Kolegov, Commercial Director, ALIDI Group.

About Nestlé Waters

With around one hundred production sites in 33 countries, Nestlé Waters has 31,740 employees and a portfolio of 51 unique brands, enabling to constantly innovate in order to meet the different expectations of consumers all over the world. To learn more please refer to http://www.nestle-waters.com/