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ALIDI support advisors and trainers on P&G products recognized as the best in Russia


ALIDI support advisors and trainers on P&G products recognized as the best in Russia according to the results of training and motivational programs 

26 employees of the consulting department became winners of the motivational program “Your place in the Star team” and were recognized as the best specialists on the P&G products in Russia and Kazakhstan. Among these specialists are consultants, coaches and team leaders. Motivational program lasted from September 2014 to May 2015 for consultants, supervisors, coaches and agencies leaders, involved in the implementation of consultation projects for P&G in Russia and Kazakhstan. The aim of this program was to increase P&G sales through consultants. The winners were chosen by knowledge testing and ranking the points following the results of training and sales. In total, more than 376 consultants, 24 supervisors, 17 coaches and 10 leaders were involved in the program. 
Also one of the ALIDI coaches on P&G products was named as one of the best coaches in the nomination "The best coach of the Ambassador's program in Russia". 

The P&G Ambassador Program (SLs Education) is a specialized training program for salesmen and consultants in stores/outlets for P&G products throughout the country. The main aim of the program is to improve the quality of product information and P&G sales growth. 

Under the ALIDI program coaches provided trainings on P&G products, told about new products, demonstrated the product features. 13 coaches took part in the contest. The main criteria when choosing the best experts were the positive feedback from the participants of the training, lack of negative reviews, the sellers level of knowledge after the training.