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ALIDI Has Become an Importer of VILO Means for Footwear


ALIDI Group signed a contract with the Turkish company Ozden Group and became an importer of VILO means for footwear to Russia

Ozden Group is one of the biggest Turkish companies to produce means for footwear. The company produces 300 kinds of means.

While entering the new markets Ozden Group is oriented on long-term collaboration with one key partner, who represents the producer’s interests on the whole territory of the country.

Nowadays VILO goods for footwear are exported to 44 countries. VILO brand is the leader on the markets of means for footwear in most CIS countries. Ozden Group considers the Russian market to be one of the priority markets for further development. The Russian market volume of means for footwear in 2013 achieved $240 mln.

ALIDI Group will deliver VILO means not only to the existing partners, but also to the new partners in all Russian regions.

The product line of VILO means includes the most popular product among the customers.

“High quality of the product is the main secret key to effective long-term partnership”, - says SÜREYYA ÖZDEN (Сюрейа Озден), Ozden Group founder.

VILO products are annually tested in European International Center of Skin Research. One of the main components in all VILO goods for footwear is natural wax, which provides high-level protection from environmental hazard.

About Ozden Group:

Ozden Group is one of the biggest companies-producers of goods for footwear and leather under SMART and VILO brands. The company was founded in 1979. In 1985 the Özden Plastik Ltd. Şti company was set up in Ankara. Nowadays Ozden Group products are exported to 44 countries.