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ALIDI Group optimizes Business Processes


ALIDI, leading Russian provider of logistic and distribution services strive to increase its business effectiveness by optimizing its business processes and creating a unique customer proposal in all regions of company’s presence. Business processes regulation is a perfect way to improve company’s performance as well as a good instrument to keep corporate knowledge. The warehousing, delivery and sales department business process will be optimized first, because the speed and the quality of the client service depend greatly on their work.

The optimization process is clearly planned. ALIDI’s business-analysts evaluate existing policies, procedures and technology, meet with employees, responsible for various processes, and discuss the ways of their improvement. Then they build models using special software. These business processes models are approved by the management. Each model has a detailed description. The next stage is to implement these procedures into the work of each company’s department.

“Currently we are optimizing stocks management models. We have almost finished with the model building and start developing processes description. By the beginning of year 2009 we plan to implement this process into the operation of departments involved in the process,” – comments Konstantin Starovoytov, IT Director at ALIDI Group, talking about the current project status.

“Business processes optimization is the part of our strategic plan to implement unique standard of services. Business process improvement is the first step to build company’s quality management system. This is an important project as optimized processes have a dramatic effect on the overall service levels. In today’s competitive business environment, we must maintain and increase productivity in order to compete – and remain in business.” – says Peter Demchenkov, General Director at ALIDI Group.