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Bonded warehouses have involved to uninterrupted process of goods labeling


In Russia, there are all conditions for the uninterrupted process of imported items labeling. Equipped with all necessary machines, warehouses play an important role in this scheme.

One of them is the customs warehouse of ALIDI-Logistics. The warehouse covers an area of ​​1800 m2 and is equipped with 3 automated lines and two Turbopack and DIMAC shrink machines. These machines capacity is up to 10 000 000 items per month. Automated label applicators are used for packaged water, beer, and low-alcohol drinks.

The ALIDI-Logistics warehouse also has the opportunity to label shoes, light industry goods, bicycles, wheelchairs, cameras, flash lamps and dietary supplements. There are five table top manual label applicators for these purposes.

“The import and labeling market in Russia is undergoing quite serious structural changes,” says Oleg Surkov, General Director of ALIDI-Logistics. “Now it is especially important to have a reliable partner who can cope with the challenges of modern business and provide the client with high quality services. The company's 30-year experience in the field of logistics allows us to intruduce complex and non-standard projects with respect of deadlines and achieve great results. We have opportunities to launch new labeling projects and expand our portfolio of contracts.”

At the moment, in Russia, the following are subject to mandatory labeling: dairy products, packaged water, medicines, tobacco, light industry goods, shoes, fur coats, perfumes and toilet water, tires and tyres, cameras and flash lamps.

Labeling of dietary supplements, beer and low-alcohol drinks, antiseptics and medical products are now at the pilot project stage. The pilot project for labeling bicycles and wheelchairs has been completed.

The national system of goods digital labeling and traceability "Honest Sign" was created primarily to combat counterfeiting, stop grey market and create equal opportunities for fair business.