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ALIDI and Bunge extend partnership


ALIDI, leading Russian provider of logistic and distribution services, concluded an important distribution contract with Bunge. Now ALIDI is responsible for Bunge distribution in the Northwest region of the Russian Federation.

In June 2010 ALIDI and Bunge concluded the first contract, according to which ALIDI became distributor in some districts of St. Petersburg. Since that time companies carried out a number of negotiations and after that signed another contract, according to which ALIDI became responsible for the distribution of Bunge goods (vegetable oils “Oleyna” and “Ideal”) in the Northwest region.

In December ALIDI will form a trade-department in the following branches: Vologda, Murmansk and Petrozavodsk. The sales departments in Pskov and in Velikiy Novgorod will be expanded. The start up of the contract was a success thanks to well-done work of HR-department responsible for the recruiting of sales personnel in a short time.

“Contract with Bunge is very important for the development of foodstuff distribution department, - said Gennady Negin, Distribution Development Director of ALIDI Group. – Partnership with Bunge helped to strengthen ALIDI positions on a new market and to raise interest of potential clients. For the last month we largely extended the pool of distribution contracts concluding contracts with such companies as "Diadia Vanja" (preservation), "Narzan" (mineral water) and confectioneries manufactures "Falcon" and "Phoenix".