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M.video chooses ALIDI as a Provider of Choice of Logistic Services in Cherepovets


October 3, 2008 – ALIDI was chosen by M.video as a provider of logistic services of choice in Cherepovets. In December 2008 Russian largest retailer of consumer electronics M.video is going to open a new supermarket in Tcherepovets. To chose the provider to organize warehousing logistics M.video organized a sort of contests among companies providing the above mentioned services in the region. Providing M.video with warehouse logistics in Vologda, a city located in proximity to Thcherepovets, ALIDI offered to extend existing storage area and serve new supermarket from the warehouse located in Vologda. The shipment of goods from the warehouse to the supermarket will be made by third-party provider.

“This time we somehow expected to be chosen as a provider of choice. First, decause we provide M.video with warehouse logistics in several regions. Second we have already earned the reputation of a reliable partner offering customers high-quality services, - says Mikhail Romanov, Logistics Services Sales Manager at ALIDI Group. – Therewith our offer was rather cost-effective: the operations at a separate warehouse demand an additional spending, while expanding storage areas at an existing warehouse cuts costs considerably.”