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ALIDI among TOP-250 Companies of the North-West Region of Russia


ALIDI, a leading Russian distribution and logistic company, was named among 250 biggest companies of the North-West Region.

Since 2000 the Russian magazine “Expert Severo-Zapad” has been publishing the TOP-list of 250 biggest companies from different sectors of the Russian economy. To be mentioned in the list this year the companies had to show in 2010 the turnover no less than 3,8 bln..

Demonstrating in 2010 the turnover of 6 974, 8 bln. rubles ALIDI-Nord was ranked 139. For the third consecutive year ALIDI has been mentioned in the list proving its financial stability.

The TOP-10 of the list didn’t change much in comparison with the previous year. The leaders are still the same: “Gazpromneft”, “Severstal” and “Subur Holding”. In retail business among leaders are”O’key”, “Agrotorg” (Piatiorchka) and “Lenta”.