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ALIDI Enters Belarus Market


ALIDI, a leading Russian distribution and logistics company, starts distribution of P&G products in Belarus. To operate in the country ALIDI established new branch and rent an office of 360 sq.m in the Sky Towers business-center in Minsk. Also the company opened a warehouse of 5 000 sq.m. in 30 km from Minsk.

The first order was delivered to the customer in Belarus on the 21 of November directly from St. Petersburg. In the nearest future company will form stocks at the warehouse in Belarus. The start up of operations is planned on the 15 of December.

“The start of sales activity in Belarus is our first experience of doing business abroad. We are sure that our expertise in logistics and distribution will be highly demanded in Belarus and will let low prices of the delivery chains at the same time improving the quality of operations, – says Peter Demchenkov, General Director of ALIDI Group. - We are also interested in cooperation with Belarus manufacturers who wants to enter Russian market. We plan to build an efficient goods distribution system in Belarus and to offer Belarus manufactures our expertise in doing business in Russia».