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ALIDI has successfully resolved all COVID-19 issues


At the end of the second quarter it became obvious that ALIDI Group Company managed with difficult situation and completed tasks that had been set in order to minimize risks for coronavirus transmission at the branch offices.

ALIDI took several serious measures that helped to control the situation and prevent COVID-19 extension. To achieve these goals all business trips were cancelled, remote working process was organized and strict restrictions on in-office visits were implemented. The company provided necessary equipment and individual protection equipment for the employees, continuous monitoring of the compliance with safety rules on the company’s premises was introduced, system dedicated to COVID-19 screening and applying appropriate measures if someone tested positive for coronavirus was implemented.

Moreover ALIDI controlled wearing of PPE by field staff, organized separate staff transfer and introduced differentiated working scheme for shifts, warehouse and office personal. The obligatory and important measure was compiling of guidelines in accordance with local law. The document was named Standards of safety practices. Each employee was informed how to counteract the infection extension and also about safety rules and code of conduct. Trainings and webinars were organized for top managers and employees.

ALIDI Group Company continues to monitor the situation with COVID-19 in all countries of its presence. The decision when to eliminate imposed restrictions is made by company top management in accordance with local authority’s guidelines and current situation in macroregions.