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ALIDI partners: the company continues to operate as usual


Dear clients and customers! Due to regular releases in the news media, containing the information that foreign companies are going to leave or suspend their activities in Russia, ALIDI considers that it’s important to inform you about measures the company is taking along with its partners to reduce possible risks.

There is constant direct communication between ALIDI management and key partners in all areas. In general, we see that the situation is forcing us and our partners to take measures to ensure business reliability and stabilisation of the situation.

P&G, one of the key partners of our company, informed us that in the current situation the brand aims to keep supplying essential goods to millions of Russian consumers. At the moment, the partner determines the list of available products, which largely depends on the changing situation in logistics, supply of raw materials and import.

Our partners in the food sector continue to render services and consolidate efforts to provide necessary ingredients for uninterrupted production. Logistics and search for new delivery routes are challenges arising from this situation. Of course, it will take some time to stabilize these processes.

ALIDI's strategic partners in the non-food sector reported that they continue to work on the Russian market and intend to realize all opportunities for business development, despite the difficult economic and geopolitical situation.

ALIDI is closely monitoring the situation.

We are confident that together we will overcome any difficulties.


ALIDI group of companies