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ALIDI at Procter&Gamble summit


ALIDI took part in the summit of Procter&Gamble distributors from Eastern Europe.

The annual P&G summit agenda is focused on summarizing results of a fiscal year on a global scale, stating priorities and project plans for coming year and experience exchange between distributors. As usual at the end of the event the partner awards best distributors in several categories.

At the 19/20 fiscal year-end summit ALIDI took prizes in 11 categories:

  • Breakthrough of the year in conventional trade (ALIDI Moscow)
  • Best results in conventional trade (ALIDI WEST)
  • Best results in creating and starting a sales territory plan (ALIDI WEST)
  • The highest working standard. Modern trade department (ALIDI WEST)
  • BEST in CLASS. Multifunctional support of modern trade (ALIDI Moscow)
  • Best SUCCESS STORY – III place (ALIDI Moscow)
  • Best results in costs decreasing (ALIDI Russia)
  • Best logistics scheme for integrated projects (ALIDI)
  • Best results in service and forecasting activities (ALIDI WEST)

«We would like to thank our partner for the possibility to participate in annual P&G summits. At the event like this we could not only discuss actual issues, but also exchange experience in project management and learn best practices of our colleagues from other companies, – says Ivan Sychev, Chief Commercial Officer of ALIDI Moscow macroregion. – Moreover P&G summits allow us to explore business growth paths and outline trends that contribute to future rising of company’s effectiveness. I would to thank everyone from ALIDI team for good results and wish new achievements»!

About Procter&Gamble:

Procter&Gamble owns 43 labels with worldwide sales over $500 millions. Company’s products are sold in 180 countries of the world. Main company’s activity is a manufacturing of products with high consumer properties in five main categories: beauty products and perfume, sanitary products, homecare products, healthcare products, familycare products, childcare products and animal feed.

For more information please visit: http://www.procterandgamble.ru/