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ALIDI becomes PepsiCo distributor and 3PL provider in Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan


Since January 3, ALIDI has become PepsiCo distributor and key 3PL provider in Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan.

It took little over a month to prepare for the start of operations. Several goals were achieved during this time: employees selection, hiring and training, signing of agreements, renting an additional warehouse with an area of ​​1300 m2 with space dedicated for storing and handling products requiring a temperature regime of + 2 to + 6 degrees, ALIDI and PepsiCo ERP setup and integration.

Under the agreement, the company operates as a distributor for general trade and a 3PL provider for customers from ALIDI’s list of key retail partners, which manages the PepsiCo distribution center (reception, cargo handling, labeling, shipment of products, POSM and refrigeration equipment).

Operations under the PepsiCo agreement are conducted from two ALIDI warehouses in Almaty, located at the following addresses: 258V Suyunbai Av. and 256/4 Suyunbai Av.

Under the new agreement, ALIDI provides services to about 3900 retail outlets and more than 300 modern trade retail outlets, as well as convenience stores of gasoline stations.

ALIDI has been present in Kazakhstan since 2016 and is the sole distributor of Mars Inc. and Philip Morris retail partner.

“Winning the tender and successfully launching operations under the cagreement with PepsiCo is a strategically important step in the development of ALIDI's business in Kazakhstan,” says Vladimir Lototskiy, Executive Director of ALIDI Macroregion Kazakhstan. “The project opens up great opportunities for us to develop business and explore new territories. We thank our partner for the trust and will make every effort to ensure high levels of sales and service in the country.”