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“M.Video” chooses ALIDI as its distributing centre in new regions.


In August, 2007 “M.Video” retail dealer opened two new supermarkets of electronics in Archangelsk and Vologda, its distributing centres were established on the basis of ALIDI’s branches. Since July, 2006 “M.Video” Company has been ALIDI’s partner. The format of the partnership presents a spectrum of services of a regional distributing centre (RDC) which guarantee responsible storage and goods handling of middle and large dimension domestic electric appliances. According to the decided strategy of the presence expansion “M.Video” Company actively develops new territories. The mutually beneficial experience in Nizhny Novgorod and Ryazan determined the choice of ALIDI as a distributing centre in the new regions: in Archangelsk (since July, 2007) and Vologda (since August, 2007). With the framework of the contracts in force RDC ALIDI provides the functioning of 5 “M.Video” shopping centres in Nizhny Novgorod, 2 supermarkets – in Ryazan as well as one in Archangelsk and Vologda. Also since July, 2007 on the territory of these regions (apart from Nizhny Novgorod) ALIDI has been accommodating domestic electric appliances delivery to the shop windows and to the customers’ houses. Such an integrated collaboration character is rather attractive for both sides and it serves the basis for the perspective development of the partnership between ALIDI and “M.Video”.