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ALIDI takes protective measures against the new coronavirus


WHO announced, that Covid-19 outbreak can be characterized as a pandemic, that’s way ALIDI takes measures to protect the health of staff and their relatives.

Dear colleagues,

As we know from media sources, the situation with Covid-19 gets worse and will unavoidably concern our company. In this situation we should act in an organized and responsible manner to achieve 3 goals:

  1. Take care of your own health and protect your families
  2. Minimize risks of viral transmission, if someone gets sick.
  3. Ensure continuous production process in our company and availability of products that we distribute, if the situation will get worse.

WHO emphases that success in effective virus control to a great extent depends on measures introduced by governments and companies to slow down transmission. In this letter I would like to inform you about measures that we introduce in this context.

Sales departments

We ask sales departments to organize their work in such way to eliminate or at least to reduce arrivals in the office. We ask to hold meetings remotely using appropriate means (phone, WhatsApp etc.).

Office employees

ALIDI top management introduces plan to organize working process from home for a part of its employees. All IT-systems will be updated accordingly to withstand higher load due to remote access. All offices and warehouses will be provided with disinfectants, thermometers. We insist to abstain from shaking hands and maintain social distancing. In some areas, for example, in box offices we arrange special zones for documents and cash treatment.

At the same time we limit activities of mass gathering places (dining room, kitchen and etc.) and allow eating in the workplace. We’ll control regular airing of office rooms and organize more available space between desks. We put a limit on business trips for all employees and cancel all trainings and meetings in the office. From the moment all interviews with candidates will be organized online or outside of the office.


For warehouse staff will be introduced following measures: mount of disinfection units, processing of instruments and equipment, special working pattern for operators interacting with drivers and others. We investigate the possibility to divide shift into crews in order to minimize contact between shifts and crews.

In this situation only comprehensive approach will be effective. We advise you to not participate in mass gatherings, where it’s possible avoid public transit in rush hours, do not cross borders of Russian Federation and your region, abstain from shaking hands and etc. Only together we could manage this situation.

Measures stated above will be valid till March 27 with possibility of extension. We monitor the situation and shall inform you about further steps, introduced by company and our partners, as well about necessary support of government interventions.

I kindly ask for your understanding and support for your own good, for the good of your families and your relatives, as well for the good of our company. At a first glance measures that we introduced could be deemed superfluous, but it’s better to cancel them rather than regret about failure to act on time.

Take care and stay healthy,

Peter Demchenkov,