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ALIDI Starts to Provide Promo Consulting Services in Kazakhstan and Belarus


ALIDI was chosen by P&G as a provider of promo consulting services in outlets of Kazakhstan and Belarus. In September 2016 ALIDI started to implement promo programs in this two countries.

In Belarus ALIDI covers outlets located in 9 different regions. ALIDI team counts more than 20 promo consultants working with customers of Pampers. In Kazakhstan ALIDI provides promo consulting of Pampers and Gillette products in 11 regions. ALIDI promo team in this country counts 50 employees. 
On the territory of the Russian Federation ALIDI provides for P&G promo consulting services since 2006, covering 625 outlets in 139 cities.

“It’ a great achievement for us to be chosen by the partner as a provider on two new territories. We made the best offer from the point of view price-quality ratio. The results of our cooperation with P&G in Russia were also important for the partner while decision making, - comments Ivan Sychev, commercial director of Non-food at ALIDI Group. – We had a very limited gap of time to implement this project, and I thank my team for the high-quality startup. I would like to thank our partners for giving us promo consulting business and I hope that we will develop our cooperation in this terms in future”.

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