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ALIDI Professional – New Business at ALIDI Group


In the beginning of 2016, ALIDI started to develop goods deliveries to HoReCa customers. The new business was named ALIDI Professional.

Today ALIDI Professional covers Saint-Petersburg and some regions of the North-Western Federal District of the Russian Federation (Velikiy Novgorod, Pskov, Petrozavodsk). ALIDI Professional offers customers a special range of goods including more than 1300 SKUs from 80 producers. Among them, there are such companies as Unilever Food Solutions, Cargill, Solpro etc. ALIDI Professional is ready to deliver HoReCa customers the most popular products, such as groceries, animal origin products and frozen products.

For goods requiring special temperature storage conditions ALIDI warehouse in St. Petersburg was equipped with special temperature zones:

  • Freezer for products with a temperature storage conditions + 3-4⁰C,
  • Freezer for products with a temperature storage conditions -18⁰C.
In the future ALIDI Professional plans to increase the number of HoReCa customers, to extend the product range and to expand the geography of operations.